First three months with baby’s birth…

We all go though multiple changes and developments during nine months of pregnancy – mood swings, taste change, weight gain and what not!! Despite this, we enjoy these changes. The thought of seeing the baby for the first time, holding him for the first time, gives the will power and strength to welcome all these changes whole heartedly

But Ladies… the actual journey begins after the birth of the baby. The first three months are actual test of patience, dedication and time management

Heads up!! Here are few things that you are going to experience within the first three months of your baby’s birth, which you might be completely unaware of 😜

Sleepless Nights


You can kiss goodbye to your 7-8 hours continuous sleep and lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings. New born baby needs feed after every 2-3 hours so you need to adjust your sleep cycle according to the baby. So basically, you need to adjust your clock to baby’s standard time… when baby sleeps you sleep and when he wakes up you wake up. You are going to feel sleep deprived all the time

No Time for Yourself

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It is nearly impossible for you being a new mom to find time for yourself. Taking care of the baby takes away all your time. Suddenly things which were important and part of your day-to-day life seems luxury such as watching movies, late night parties, putting makeup, hanging out with friends, reading novel & magazine, long drives and lot more. You can’t expect any “ME TIME”. The only time you get for yourself is the time when baby sleeps, and by then you are so exhausted that you can’t think of anything other than some peaceful sleep of few hours

Can’t Afford to be Tired


No matter how tired and in how much pain you are, you can’t afford to be tired when your baby needs you. You need to be full attentive all day to comfort him when he cries, feed him when he is hungry and clean him whenever he pees or poops.

Endless Cleaning of Diapers


Infants pees around 10-12 times a day and poops around 3-4 times a day. The complexity and time consumption depends on whether you are using diaper or cloth nappies. Whatever is the case, be ready to change 6-8 diapers a day or around 12-15 nappies a day. Frequency may vary from baby to baby.

Excessive Back Pain


After going through those labour pain, you are going to experience excessive back pain especially during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding causes the release of oxytocin hormone in bloodstream, which contracts the smooth muscles and helps uterus contract back to its pre-pregnancy size. These contractions cause back pain. Weight gain, weak abdominal muscles and improper breastfeeding postures are lead to back pains.

Despite all these hustles and problems, you are going to cherish these moments your whole life. The one thing that keeps you going and gives a boost to your energy is your baby. The one look at his face and you forget all your pain. The moment you hold him in your arms, hug him, touch his hands, his tiny fingers, his feet, his cheeks, you completely forget yourself, and start thinking what more you can do for him, for his comfort and healthy growth. His one smile and it all seems worth it……

This post is not to scare you…just a heads up of what is coming your way…..
Always remember – You are enduring these temporary suffering to fulfil the most beloved dream of your life.
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